Guest House"Vesko & Suzi" – Kovachevitsa


For rest or party we are here for you.

In a warm family-like environment with national live music, for eco-tourism or team building, the house of Vesko and Suzi will heartily shelter you.

For the first time a house emerged at this location in a typical Kovachevitsa style already in 1947. It was only in 2001 when Vesko аnd Suzi built the as of today former tavern of this house. Four years later just above it two guest rooms were erected. In 2007 on the student’s holiday (December 8th) a group of enthusiasts took the decision to further expand the building using a European program financing facility aiming to convert it into a more cozy and better suited for parties place.

Today you could already enjoy the product of our long-standing work and road full of challenges and good moments.

You are very welcome. We will be there for you!



Kovachevitsa offers various specific sightseeing trips but never limits you to these – the church with the tallest tower in the Rhodope Mountains, the St. George chapel – totally rebuilt by Suzi’s father and the track to it that goes through Vesko’s field, river Kanina (the bloody river), the waterfalls and the blue pool, the eco trail to the village of Ribnovo, the Kozi Kamak area, and Rizova cave. As a matter of will any precipice or peak around could be your sightseeing destination.

Kovachevitsa is full of energy but capricious. It carries loads of history and legends – old and new ones. If you like it – you will always come back with love, in case you don’t – you will come back with awe. Everyone that has visited Kovachevitsa once would have his own story about the place. As it is everywhere. Only that here it is different. Ask us, we will tell you our story.


The main highlights that can be distinguished are the hooked fireplace, which thus is quite effective, the “Flintstones” bar (ask Suzi why she named it like this), the moss on the inner roof, which is entirely our whim and fits the interior well. We can easily contain fifty-sh bonkers. It is tougher to seat normal people though!

Specialties by the kitchen

Rhodope-style pie (banitsa), home-made dry sausage and meat balls, Bulgarian breakfast cakes (mekitsi), pickles.

In summertime we pick the vegetables from our garden.


Currently available:

Soon to come:


Offerings by the house

With great pleasure we will take care for you while you stay with us. For this purpose we have set four triple and three double rooms with private bathroom, cable TV, and some unreliable internet each. We like them a lot. The prices are modest, just like us – 60 leva for double and 75 leva for triple room.

Double rooms

Room with one double bed, private bathroom, and TV.

60 leva

Triple rooms

Room with one double bed, one single bed, private bathroom, and TV.

75 leva

Contact Us

For bookings – house or tavern – please call us or send an email at:


+359 886 606 616




We are hidden in the Rhodope Mountains and the local songs are no secret for us. We are down south but also high up. We are 64 km away from Bansko and 24 km from Gotse Delchev. Drama is not far, Kavala is a bit farther. The road ends here although google disagrees. Until you reach us you pass through fascinating places. There are many other exciting sites around that you don’t specifically go by. It is the third house to the left, the nice one, just before the bridge.

Access by car from south: go past Bansko and Dobrinishte direction Gotse Delchev, pass the village of Mesta and after a number of curves you enter Gospodintsi. Immediately after the bridge at the small road surveillance building on the right you turn left towards Ognyanovo. Past the village you instantly get to Marchevo at which end to the left is the road to Kovachevitsa through Leshten and Gorno Dryanovo.

Coming from north is also possible with a well equipped offroader (see above) and much enthusiasm or from above by a heli.